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Ella Ding with black hair poking tongue out and holding VUSH Empress 2 vibrator


What kickstarted your self love journey and why do you think self love is important?

I started my self love journey about 8 years ago! Being a very sexual person and also being single for so long I wanted to understand myself more. A girlfriend of mine actually gifted me a vibrator and from then on I was obsessed. Over the years I have understood what it feels to climax alone and with someone and that is thanks to self love. As women not being overly educated on how our sexual experiences should be when I had my first orgasm from a self love sesh i realised how much i was missing. It literally changed my life and confidence forever.

What does self love look like to you?

Self love is broad, it could be spending the day alone and booking a spa day. Or lighting candles and reading an erotic book and getting lost in my imagination. Or it could be running a bath and using oils to relax with meditation music on. It really is anything that involves just me, myself and I.

What’s your fav VUSH product and why?

My fave Vush product is the Empress! I have used a variety of sexual wellness products to understand what suits my anatomy best and what sends my body into a hot flush and ive found the Empress does this the best. It has this sensation like a sucking/licking technique and you can go as gentle or firm as you desire, it has different programs for different rhythms .. creating a variety of build ups to achieve a very pleasurable experience ;)

What would your advice be to someone just starting their self love journey?

My advice to you! This is an investment, not only in yourself but your sex life. You will have more enjoyable sexual relations and understand more about yourself and what feels good, coz we as women know it isn’t the same as men. We are complex down there, we take time and we are not all the same. If you don’t know yourself in your pleasure places then no one else will!

Be excited to start a self love journey, talk about it with your girlfriends! Be open minded and don’t judge yourself! Be proud and confident knowing you’ve taken the first step to better sex and better self love experiences!

What’s your favourite thing about VUSH?

My absolute favorite thing about VUSH is that it’s such a safe space to share, discuss and influence each other to try new things and get outside your comfort zone. You are not alone! And VUSH have such a variety of different products, one does not fit all pleasure points! I also LOVE that VUSH is made with medical grade silicone.

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