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Nelly London with brown hair wearing red lingerie holding pink and red rabbit vibrator in hands and smiling against mirror with love heart drawn in red lipstick on glass

Sit Down Interview with Nelly London To Chat VUSH Pleasure Collab

Before we hear from Nelly, let’s go through the basics of what exactly this pleasure collab is. 

VUSH x Nelly Rabbit Vibrator

What is Nelly x VUSH?

VUSH x Nelly is VUSH’s latest sex toy collaboration with Nelly London. We’ve released a rabbit vibrator in a divine pink and red colourway that is a must-have in your wellness routine. Watch Nelly’s behind-the-scenes vlog for some insight into the process behind this dreamy collab. 

Who is Nelly London?

If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably already across this part. Just in case you’re not, Nelly London is a UK based Instagram influencer and YouTube vlogger. She is most well known for being a body acceptance and eating disorder recovery advocate. Nelly is one of our favourite people to follow and work with because she celebrates her body no matter how it looks, prioritises her pleasure and wellbeing, and supports women and victims by speaking out against sexual violence. She is brave, educated, and a positive role model. Even through her activism, Nelly’s sense of humour and fun personality shines. We love Nelly and are so excited to be introducing you to our latest collab — VUSH x Nelly rabbit vibrator.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

Rabbit vibrators are sex toys that are designed to stimulate two pleasure spots at once. With two arms, they provide both external and internal stimulation, which means they can be used on the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. This makes rabbit vibrators unique, as most other sex toys are designed to focus on just one erogenous zone at once. Rabbit vibrators are a great way to explore blended orgasms, which occur when two pleasure spots are stimulated at the same time.

Read our blog to learn exactly how to use the VUSH x Nelly Rabbit Vibrator.


Now, let’s hear from Nelly London herself…

The VUSH team interviewed Nelly London to find out exactly why she wanted to do this collab, what self love and self pleasure means to her, and how she became the incredible advocate she is today. Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Nelly, thanks for being part of the VUSH pleasure collab. Tell us, why is celebrating our bodies so important to you? 

Nelly: “Because we are SO lucky to have bodies but we’ve all grown up being taught how to hate them, how messed up is that?! We shouldn’t have to but sadly we do have spend the time and energy on unlearning the negative ways in which we see our bodies, but once we can move past it and start to see our bodies for the glorious life giving blobs of flesh that they are, we can truly start to enjoy them.”

And how did you make the shift to embracing your body and loving it, imperfections and all?

Nelly: “I think I kinda reached a point where I had to. I believe I got to the lowest place that a person can be in when it comes to body image, so I didn’t have much of an option. And I was really determined to start actually living my life, and not just coasting through it with a body that I hated... I deserved more and I’m so lucky I found it.”

It’s inspiring and empowering to see how far you’ve come with your body image. What are your best tips for people to feel good about themselves?

Nelly: “You know that really annoying quote that we hear all the time — “comparison is the thief of joy”? Well, it’s true. It’s annoying, but it’s true. But the first step to stop comparing yourself to other people is to acknowledge when you are doing it. If you can become aware, then you can work to break these thinking cycles and start to work on removing comparison altogether.”

Nelly London in pink fluffy gown on old school telephone against white doors


Where do you get your confidence from?

Nelly: “Me! I know it might sound a bit mad, but I am everything I need myself to be. I don’t judge myself (at least not that much) or my body anymore, and instead I just simply accept the way I exist in this life vessel of a body. It might not be perfect to everyone, it might not be pleasing to everyone, but that is irrelevant because it is my body and I accept it exactly as it is in any given moment. Thanks bod, you the best.”

Now moving on to this pleasure collab more specifically… Why is sexual wellness important to you? It's 2023, why do you think there is still so much shame around masturbation and self pleasure?

Nelly: “Exactly that! There is still SO much shame around it! People wince at even the mention of masturbation despite being the most normal, natural, ancient practice in the world. It doesn’t need to be embarrassing, and if we let it, it can simply be another tiny aspect of ourselves that doesn’t need to be hidden away or never talked about ever again.”

Nelly lying on couch behind VUSH x Nelly pink and red rabbit vibrator


Why did you want to collaborate with a sex toy company? Why VUSH?

Nelly: “Because they’re really fucking cool. They are obviously the absolute experts in this area but they just seem to get it — all of it. They are so accepting and inclusive, and that was what really made them stand out to me.”

What do you love most about the VUSH x Nelly Rabbit Vibrator?  

Nelly: “Well firstly, she’s CUTE! But also, it’s a really, really good quality sex aid. I won’t pretend to understand the technology but trust me, it’s good. Shall I leave it at that?”

How has VUSH helped you embrace your body and its pleasure?

Nelly: “I had never tried some of toys that VUSH make, so the past few years I really have learned so much about my body. It’s been a very enjoyable education.”

Nelly London sitting down in pink fluffy gown holding VUSH x Nelly pink and red rabbit vibrator above head against gold doors


Read more on Stimulation:

Keen to learn more about this pleasure collab? Read our guide to using the Nelly x VUSH rabbit vibrator. You can find more on Nelly London on Nelly's Instagram.

Want more info on masturbation and pleasure in general? We’ve got a guide on how to masturbate for vulva owners, a list of types of orgasms and erogenous zones, a guide for first time sex toy buyers, and more on our VUSH Stimulation blog.


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