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3 Ways to Prioritise Your Pleasure with Lingerie


VUSH’s new lingerie collection — lingerie made for play

Lingerie is a celebration of yourself and your sexuality. At VUSH, lingerie is not just a way to look good, it’s a way to play. Whether it’s being used for sex, fun, or fashion, lingerie can have a huge impact on how you feel.

VUSH have just released a limited edition lingerie collection with the lingerie experts over at KissKill. From matching sets to tanks and slips, this lingerie collection has a piece for every mood. Flirty, ethereal, and cute, this new range of quality lingerie might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

To celebrate this launch, VUSH’s sexpert Steph is sharing three key reasons to invest in lingerie along with suggestions on lingerie can increase pleasure and enhance your relationship with self and connection with your body. 



1. Lingerie for yourself

First thing’s first, you don’t need a special event or a hot date to wear nice lingerie. The best part about lingerie is the way that it can make you feel about yourself. No one even needs to see it!

Gain confidence alone first

Naturally, when we think of lingerie, we think of sex. But not all of us are ready to bring lingerie into the bedroom with a partner. Wondering how to feel more confident in lingerie? Get used to wearing it alone first! We acknowledge that sometimes (but not always) it takes confidence to wear a new lingerie set in front of others. If you feel like you’re not the type of person that can pull off lingerie, you’re wrong — pulling off lingerie is simply a state of mind. We recommend having some alone time in your lingerie first to become comfortable before showing others. 

Set the mood & masturbate

Speaking of alone time — it wouldn’t be a VUSH blog without mentioning self pleasure. Put some lingerie on for your next solo session! Whether it’s putting on a sexy outfit, dimming the lights, or lighting some candles, there are plenty of ways to set up a nice environment to feel sexy for yourself. When setting some time aside to romance yourself and prioritise your pleasure, it may make you feel more in the mood if you dress up in something nice.

Take sexy pictures

Whether you keep these for yourself, share them to your insta story, or send them to a lover, there’s no doubt you’ll feel great after a cheeky photoshoot. Taking sexy pics is a great form of foreplay if you’re hoping to get into the mood for masturbation or sex with a partner. It’s also a great way to connect with a lover and build desire and anticipation. Putting on some lingerie may help you feel yourself even more in this moment. For more info on sexting, read our guide to sexting — tips and etiquette.

Make the mundane fun

Not ready to wear lingerie in a sexual context? Why not spice up your everyday routine by putting on a nice set of lingerie while working from home or cleaning the house? You might be surprised how much better you feel about doing those boring everyday tasks. Use lingerie to inspire some creativity and fun in your everyday life. No need to take yourself too seriously — we want this collection to give you permission to be silly and have a boogie in your bedroom while wearing a matching set. Find pleasure in even the most mundane parts of life.

Midshot of person wearing baby blue lingerie bra/underwear/suspender set against blue cloud background


2. Lingerie during sex

Foreplay + anticipation

As we touched on earlier, lingerie is a great way to build sexual desire. Wearing lingerie throughout the day, knowing you’re going to masturbate or meet up with a hottie later that night, can help your brain get ready for sex. Wearing lingerie can help build anticipation of all the sexy things that are about to happen soon. Plus, sending a partner some sneaky selfies in a cute lingerie set can be great foreplay.

Excite a partner

As well as feeling good, it’s no secret that lingerie makes you look great. The person or people you’re sleeping with are bound to be super into not only how you look in your lingerie, but also how you feel. Confidence is the biggest turn on, so in turn by using lingerie to celebrate your body and feel good in your skin, you’re likely to be making your partner feel good too. Who doesn’t want to see a partner dressed up and feeling themselves?

Explore roleplay

If you’re struggling to find the confidence to wear a lingerie set without feeling silly, why not try getting into the mind of someone else? Roleplay is a great way to try something new with a partner, while exploring a different side of your sexuality. You never know what type of sex roleplay will inspire. If you don’t feel like you’re the type of person that wears lingerie, harness the energy of someone who is. After all, sometimes it helps to fake it ‘til you make it. If you don’t love it, you never have to do it again, but everything is worth trying once, right?

Woman with wavy auburn hair sitting on white stool facing away from camera wearing strappy purple lingerie bra/underwear/suspender set


3. Lingerie as clothing 

Make it a statement

It’s 2023 — lingerie sure as hell can be clothing. Depending on the location or activity, it may be appropriate to make your lingerie the statement piece of clothing in your outfit. We recommend matching a purple bustier with some pants and a blazer, or perhaps a red babydoll with some heels for a night out. Remember, not every piece of lingerie is a blue bra and knicker set, you could always go for a crop tank. Heading to a music festival? If there’s one place that feels safe to wear lingerie as clothes, it’s a festival environment. You’d be surprised how often you can incorporate some lingerie into your outfit.

Wear under clothes

If you’re not ready to make the lingerie the main piece in your outfit, wear it under your clothes. Wearing lingerie hidden under clothes on date night might make you feel a little bit more flirty and sensual than usual. You never know how confident wearing lingerie under clothes may make you feel (even if no one else sees it). For something a bit more risqué, try a dreamy blue balconette bra under a sheer top or unbuttoned shirt. Make your lingerie as subtle or as standout as you please.

Person wearing red silk slip dress with cross back straps against desert background


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