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  1. What's one thing you've always wanted to try in the bedroom but haven't yet?

  2. Describe a fantasy you've never shared with me.

  3. What’s your favorite part of my body, and why?

  4. When did you realize you were in love with me?

  5. What’s something I do that makes you feel most loved?

  6. Is there a sexual act you thought you’d never try but did and ended up enjoying?

  7. What’s your favorite memory of us together?

  8. How do you feel about our first kiss now?

  9. What’s one thing you think could make our sex life even better?

  10. Where is the most adventurous place you want to have sex?

  11. What kind of touch best arouses you?

  12. How do you feel about using toys in the bedroom?

  13. Describe how you feel when we’re intimately connected.

  14. What’s a non-sexual activity that makes you feel close to me?

  15. What does intimacy mean to you?

  16. What’s one thing you’re curious to try with me outside of our comfort zone?

  17. How do you like to be seduced?

  18. What part of foreplay do you enjoy the most?

  19. Is there a sexy scene from a movie that you want to recreate with me?

  20. What’s your favorite way to receive affection?

  21. How important are physical appearances to you in our relationship?

  22. What’s a secret talent of yours that I don’t know yet?

  23. How do you feel about public displays of affection?

  24. What’s one thing you admire about our relationship?

  25. How do you feel about lingerie or role play costumes in the bedroom?

  26. What’s something you love about our relationship that you think is unique to us?

  27. How do you feel about sending flirty texts when we’re apart?

  28. What’s a romantic fantasy you have about us?

  29. How do you feel when we hold hands in public?

  30. What’s something new you learned about yourself through our relationship?

  31. Describe the most romantic date night you can imagine.

  32. What’s your favorite way to unwind together after a long day?

  33. How do you feel about love letters or romantic gestures?

  34. What’s a song that always makes you think of me?

  35. How do you feel about spontaneity in our relationship?

  36. What’s one thing you find irresistible about me?

  37. How do you feel about kissing in the rain or other movie-style romantic gestures?

  38. What’s something about me that always makes you smile?

  39. What’s a small act of love you appreciate more than I know?

  40. What’s one way we can make our daily routine more exciting?

  41. How do you feel about breakfast in bed or other surprise treats?

  42. What’s something about our relationship that you think has improved over time?

  43. How do you feel about keeping our relationship exciting and fresh?

  44. What’s a trait of mine you find endearing that I might see as a flaw?

  45. How do you feel about sharing our fantasies with each other?

  46. What’s a habit of mine that you find cute or amusing?

  47. What’s a sexual moment with me that you often find yourself thinking back to? Be honest.

  48. How do you feel about planning a surprise getaway for just the two of us?